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Here are six statements related to each dimension of happiness. There are no right or wrong answers, so just answer honestly, considering how you compare to most people. Once you answer all questions, you will receive a brief guide on how to make sense of your score.

First Dimension: Hedonic Happiness Scale

I enjoy watching entertainment media on platforms such as YouTube, TV, etc.
I seek pleasure through luxury consumption if I could afford it.
I agree with the phrase "money buys happiness".
I like to impress others through my possession and position.
The phrase "life is fun" summarizes my life philosophy.
It is important for me to keep up with fashion if I can afford.

Please answer all questions !

Second Dimension: Eudemonic Happiness Scale

I seek out situations that challenge my skills and abilities.
So far, I am pleased with what I have achieved in life.
It is more important that I truly enjoy what I do rather than focus on whether other people are impressed by it.
I can say that I have found my purpose in life through self-growth, relationship, and work.
So far, I am satisfied with my efforts/activities to unleash my potential.
It is important to me that I have a fulfilling job rather than high-paid one.

Please answer all questions !

Third Dimension: G-donic Happiness Scale

I believe in:
I feel God's presence as if I see Him.
I experience the highest level of satisfaction through having a strong relationship with God.
I worship/pray God.
I believe my prayers are answered by God one way or another.
I believe that my life continues after death.

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Fourth Dimension: Satisfaction with Your Life Scale

In most ways, my life is close to my ideal.
The conditions of my life are excellent.
I am satisfied with my life.
So far I have gotten the important things I want in life.
If I could live my life over, I would change almost nothing.
Overall, I feel/think I have a very happy life.

Please answer all questions !

Please answer all questions !

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