About Necati

Dr. Necati Aydin is a professor of economics exploring wellbeing from a multi-disciplinary perspective. He was the founding director of the Neuroeconomics and Well-being Program at Florida State University. The program was established to conduct well-being studies both at individual and societal levels, bringing experts from different subject areas together for qualitative and quantitative analysis on happiness related issues. Dr.Aydin has two doctoral degrees, one in Education and the other in Economics. He worked as a researcher for a decade completing over forty research projects before embarking on his academic career. He has authored nine books, translated two, co-authored three books, and published many peer-reviewed articles. He recently published a book through Routledge on character building. 

Dr.Aydin currently focuses economics of wellbeing, human development, and neureconomics. He has published in top academic journals including Journal of Business Ethics, International Journal of Social Economics, Humanomics, and Journal of Developing Area. He is a referee for several academic journals including the Journal of Happiness Studies, the Journal of Applied Research in Quality of Life. He works on a project with a professor from Brown University to test three dimensions of happiness using functional MRI. He also conducts inter-disciplinary studies to explore empirical evidence for three dimensions of happiness. 


Personal story behind the book:

Beside the academic credentials, Dr. Aydin has a compelling life story which led to 3D of Happiness. The book is the life story of a former shepherd who was born in a village with no running water and electricity. It is the story of a student who ran away from his parents to go to school, who became the first in his village to go to college, and who became the first in his town to receive two doctoral degrees. Furthermore, it is the story of a former nurse who witnessed the death and misery of thousands of patients; the story of a father who was never hugged by his father, but ended up being the best friend of his five children. It is the story of a youth who lived in poverty and only tasted a banana for the first time while attending college, but lost the pleasure of this taste when he was able to purchase whatever he desired. In short, it is the story of seeking happiness under various life conditions. 3D of Happiness is a great opportunity for him to share his adventures' lessons in his pursuit of happiness.