If you say all, then you need pleasure for the body, meaning for the mind, and spirituality for the soul.

If you pursue only bodily pleasure you will eventually hit a dead end, according to economics.

If you do not find meaning in your life, you are heading towards depression, according to psychology.

If you do not have spirituality, you can never be satisfied, according to ancient wisdom and religion.

3D of Happiness covers a personal and scientific journey of searching for happiness through pleasure, meaning, and spirituality. It is the story of a former shepherd, Necati Aydin, who was at the bottom 1% of the world’s population, living in complete poverty and deprivation. He managed to acquire two PhDs and climbed to the top 1% in terms of possessions and position. Nonetheless, he failed to achieve happiness along the way.

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In 3D of Happiness, the author shares his journey of having, doing, being, and loving which turned out to be a vicious cycle of deprivation, emulation, accomplishment, and disappointment. Inside, he shares a powerful message through the story of a youth who lived in poverty and only tasted a banana for the first time while attending college but lost the pleasure of this taste when he was able to purchase whatever he desired. Ultimately, he reveals his success in finally discovering three dimensions of happiness through a converging path of science, philosophy, and spirituality.


Through the personal and academic journey, the author came to the realization that we fail to find happiness because we are provided the wrong navigation device. Free market capitalism urges us to search for happiness through pursuing more possession, experience, and position. We work day and night to reach happiness. With every success of having, doing, being, and loving, we think we are almost there. Then, we soon realize we are not there yet. The consumption compass will point to another target for us to reach happiness. Every time, we set a goal to achieve happiness by having, doing, being, or loving, we end up realizing we need to do even more. This is what he calls the “DEAD loop” which consists of Deprivation, Emulation, Achievement, and Disappointment. 


3D of Happiness consists of four parts. In the first part, the author shares his journey within the pleasure (hedonic) dimension of happiness. The first part ends with a confession of being very successful with having, doing, being, and loving, but failing to find happiness in them along with the discussion of scientific research on hedonic happiness.  The second part covers the meaning (eudemonic) dimension of happiness. It begins with Aristotle’s search for eudemonic happiness through meaningful and flourishing life. Then, it covers the author’s journey of searching happiness through meaning. It ends with the scientific research on the meaning dimension. The third part includes the confession of not finding happiness through both pleasure and meaning dimensions. It covers the failed promised paradise of the free-market capitalism. It presents data on how “American dream” turns to nightmare for many people. It ends with Nietzsche’s nihilism which defines the ultimate outcome of life as the infinite nothing. The fourth part includes the author’s journey of spiritual (G-donic) dimension of happiness. It begins with the very definition of G-donic dimension along with its underlying principles. Then, it covers the author’s own journey of searching happiness through spirituality. It also discusses Tolstoy’s journey of finding happiness through faith. 

In short, the book shows that the failure in finding happiness in modern times is largely due to the mistake of limiting the search for happiness to the pleasure (hedonic) dimension. As we delve into the meaning and spiritual dimensions of happiness, we are likely to increase our level of happiness.


Praise for ‘ 3D of Happiness ’

“I found the book to be very interesting. I read it carefully and found it helpful to decide on my career change. In fact, I stopped reading the book at the middle and have decided to stop pursuing wrong (fake) goals and set my mind to aim my real goals. After being convinced that authentic happiness is not possible through having, doing, and being, I began to pursue a master’s degree to expand my capacity for happiness in higher dimensions.”

Berik Kaliyev

“The author has an unpretentious forgiving style that makes the book difficult not to like. The book offers insight into the experiences of a man as he ruminates on the issue of happiness. It provides thoughts on the personal perspective of the author as he pursues success and happiness in his personal and professional life from a spiritual, philosophical, and scientific perspective. Admittedly, there are some hiccups, and it will be a stretch to think that non-religious readers would seriously consider his views on happiness being predicated on the idea of a God and an afterlife.”

Asma Aljohani

“3D of Happiness is an exposition on the life of an individual who is trying to seek happiness, self-actualization and life-fulfillment. Author wrote this book for anyone who is lost looking for happiness…The pursuit for the real universal definition of happiness then remains elusive as every individual has to live a unique life with individualized life goals. The only near-universal to find happiness is to acknowledge the fact that happiness does not come about by considering just one dimension. Rather, happiness is derived in multiple dimensions depending on what is important to an individual.”

Mashael Alkanhal

“3D of happiness delves into the lifelong pursuit of happiness that every human undertakes, it explores the forms of happiness and the level of pleasure one can pursuing each. From a person who did not have basic toilet facilities in his house to a person who can afford to buy a separate house for his college going children with all the modern facilities, 3D of Happiness is a story of seeking happiness, the setbacks and finally being able to realize that “happiness is not a destination; instead it is a journey itself”. Scientific input, philosophical reflection, and a compelling story create the perfect recipe for a book that can be read by anyone who wants to pleasure a permanent part of their life”

Norah Alsalem

“Although many books have since antiquity examined the meaning of happiness, in my judgment, no other book is as provocative and intellectually mesmerizing as 3D of Happiness. The author writes flawlessly, seamlessly, and explicates an otherwise complex philosophical topic in a captivating yet detailed manner… The book provides convincing answers to some puzzling happiness stories. I am personally acquainted with a family member who, despite owning almost everything I desired as a kid, surprised as with suicide. We were amazed that we questioned why a person with a happy and beautiful spouse, lovely home, cars, and a personal jet would wake up one day and commit suicide. He left a note saying that he had decided to commit suicide because life was incredibly empty, no matter how hard he tried. A closer look back then, I recall some people attributing his tragic end to a cult. However, now I know better after the captivating read on 3D of Happiness. The relative was unhappy despite attaining both hedonic and eudemonic happiness. He was empty because he lacked the third dimension of spirituality.”

Maha Alfaqeeh

“From my point of view, the book was very deep in clearing the concept of happiness with a very simple and direct language. The sequence of the ideas and how they’ve been linked together kept the reader attached to the last point. The reality of the events at the beginning of the book touched me to the deepest point, I was amazed by the persistence of the author to achieve what he wanted and how to change his reality which he refused to adapt with, despite all the difficulties that faced him. His strength made me think more than once about all the decisions I’ve made in my life, it made me believe that nothing is impossible. After reading 3D of Happiness, I’m completely convinced about where the true happiness lies on moderation as it is said “whoever employs his mind in a proper way will understand that living well is living in moderation.”

Abeer Almunajem


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